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How to choose lighting in studio

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How to choose lighting in studio

In people's definition, studio may be said to be the place where TV stations make programs. With the development of modernization, many institutions and enterprises, including schools, will often broadcast their own news in the studio. So how to choose small studio lighting in general? The lighting requirements of the studio are relatively high, so we need to choose the lighting of the studio.


1、 Color temperature requirements. Most of the color temperature of studio lamps is 3200K, so the pictures will be more real and clear. A small part of the color temperature used for HD recording is 5600k.

2、 Heat dissipation. The studio usually works for several hours continuously, so it is very important for the heat dissipation of lamps and lanterns. All of the studio lamps have heat dissipation patents.

3、 Energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with traditional halogen lamp, led studio lamp can save nearly 90% energy and 50% energy than three primary color soft light lamp. A lot of money can be saved over time.

4、 The light source is stable, smooth, no stroboscopic, and the light color is consistent.


The following small force can recommend one or two dedicated led studio lamps.


The first: LED film and television flat panel soft light. This special studio lamp has a variety of specifications, 150 watts (color temperature 3200K and 5600k), 200 Watts (color temperature 3200K and 5600k) and color matching temperature (3000k-6000k). Exquisite appearance and workmanship, enough internal and external heat dissipation surface, heat dissipation patent, high transmittance, energy saving and environmental protection, no radiation. The price is not expensive, cost performance is very high!

 LED soft video skypanel light

"VanGaa Lighting" LED soft video skypanel light


The second: LED film spotlight. This special studio lamp also has a variety of specifications. 150 W (color temperature 3200K and 5600k), 200 W (color temperature 3200K and 5600k) and color matching temperature 3000k-6000k. High display refers to no stroboscopic, soft light source, no color difference, abundant light intensity, truly realize the application of the main and auxiliary surface light, and strengthen the three-dimensional sense of the human face.

 LED film spotlight

"VanGaa Lighting"LED film spotlight

LED soft video panel light in studio

LED soft video panel light in studio of Xiangtan TV station

The applicability, quality reliability and economy should be fully considered when selecting studio lamps.


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