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How to arrange the embedded LED three-color soft light in the video conference room

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Embedded LED three-color soft light is generally used for meeting scenes such as video conference room lighting, multi-function hall lighting, lecture hall lighting, etc. It not only conforms to the overall beauty and coordination of the conference room, but also the light is soft and delicate, high CRI, and no dazzling Light, meet the high-definition shooting and recording effects of pictures and videos. It is different from the traditional three-primary-color lamps (three-primary fluorescent lamps, three-primary cold light lamps). The three-primary soft light uses R (red), G (green), and B (blue) tubes with three color spectrums. Luminous, generally embedded LED tri-color soft light refers to soft light using LED light source.

How to distribute the embedded LED tri-color soft light?

Illumination distance lighting method

Embedded LED three-color soft light is used as the basic lighting (circular lighting method). Due to the difference in the amount of light produced by the distance between the luminaire and the object, the size of the tone produced will also be different: For example, in a video conference room, the distance between the main light and backlight and the subject can be set to about 3 meters, and then the distance between the auxiliary light and the subject is set to about 4 meters, so as to achieve a breakthrough in character modeling. purpose.

Adjust the light and shadow shape

Use the change of the power of the lamp to adjust the light and shadow shape to achieve the desired effect. That is, the embedded LED three-color soft light is used as the basic lighting (circular lighting method), and for the main light and backlight, lamps with a large light source and a large number of lamp beads are used, such as Vangaa lighting's 200W electric flip LED three Base color lights. In addition, 150WLED film and television spotlights can be used for auxiliary light and decorative light, and for background light, appropriate adjustments can be made according to the distance of the stage.

LED tricolor lights for meeting room lighting

Embedded LED tricolor soft light

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