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How to achieve 100% acceptance of meeting room lighting renovation project

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How to achieve 100% acceptance of meeting room lighting renovation project

The meeting room is not only used for meetings, but also for press conferences, video conferences, reports and academic exchanges, etc. Many meeting rooms are facing changes in lighting. As long as the conference room lighting renovation project achieves the cost within the budget and satisfies the lighting effect, 100% pass the acceptance. Because of the use of traditional light sources in meeting room lighting, the color temperature is too high or too low; the illuminance is insufficient, and the light quality is poor. In view of this series of problems, lighting design in the meeting room and the selection of meeting room lamps are particularly important.

Meeting room lighting design standards

The lighting design of the conference room should avoid natural light as much as possible and adopt artificial light sources. If the meeting room has natural light and artificial light sources, the video image will have blue projections and red shadow areas. When using artificial light sources, avoid using hot light sources and use cold light sources.

Conference room lighting renovation project

Meeting room lighting standard

1. The illuminance of the lamps is the primary consideration standard for meeting room lighting. Generally, the central illuminance of the rostrum requires more than 800LUX. The top light does not need to be too bright, and the illuminance is 300~400LUX (to avoid reflections due to too few hairs);

2. The conference room will involve shooting and recording, so there are also strict requirements for the color rendering index of the lamps, Ra should be greater than or equal to 90, and a low color rendering index will cause the color of the video to be taken to be distorted and unclear;

3. The color temperature of the lighting, the color temperature of the meeting room lighting is generally 3200K, 5600K, and the color temperature can be adjusted (3000-6000K), 3200K warm white is yellowish, 5600K is white, and white;

4. The safety of lamps and lanterns. The lamp manufacturer should have a factory certificate, product manual, test report, and comply with relevant national standards, etc.

Nowadays, the conference room renovation is all using LED conference lights, high brightness, low heat, high CRI, anti-glare, color temperature consistency, energy saving and environmental protection. In the meeting room lighting renovation project, the selected lamps are very important, which meet modern requirements, meet national standards, and meet the lighting of the meeting room at the same time.

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