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How does the banquet hall stage lighting configuration meet the meeting mode and stage lighting effect mode?

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Traditionally, the stage lighting of many banquet halls is composed of large ceiling lamps or crystal chandeliers and other downlights, spotlights, etc., which are very compatible with lighting, but they can only meet the basic requirements of conventional lighting and general meeting lighting. The new type of banquet hall stage lighting needs to meet the lighting effects of large-scale banquets, large-scale conferences, evening parties, various performances, weddings, product launches, catwalk performances, etc. Therefore, high stability, high brightness, no glare, high CRI, and consistent light color of the lighting configuration are the basic requirements for meeting mode and stage effect mode.

From the perspective of the stage lighting layout of the banquet hall, the basic light is composed of surface light, side light, top light, and back light. In addition, stage performance lighting is configured to meet the performance lighting projection effect of the entire banquet hall.

1. Surface light configuration

The surface light is mainly used to illuminate the front performance area, and play the role of frontal lighting for the performers on the stage, highlighting the figure shape or making the objects on the stage present a three-dimensional effect; on the front of the stage, hidden in the ceiling, a total of four Surface light, suitable for different occasions. The surface light angle can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Use 150W LED spotlight; 150W spot moving light

150w spot moving light

150w spot moving light

Projection method

Vertical projection: to obtain a uniform effect under the stage performance area; cross projection: to enhance the brightness of the central area and depth of the stage; key projection: to enhance the lighting of the local stage performance area.

2. Side light configuration

The role of the side light is to create a sense of direction of the light source from the side of the stage. It can be used as an auxiliary lighting to illuminate the face of the actor, and it can strengthen the level of the scene and render the characters and the stage space environment. The angle, direction, distance, lamp type, power and other factors of the cast light will cause various side light effects. Side light orientation, on both sides of the main stage. Use 150WLED spotlight.

150W LED spotlight

150W LED spotlight

Arrangement and projection method of lamps

The modeling light from one or both sides can emphasize and highlight the contour of the side, which is suitable for embossing, portraits and other volumetric effects;

One side can show stronger effect of yin and yang;

The double-side light can express the plywood light with individual characteristics, but the light ratio of the front auxiliary light and the side light needs to be adjusted to obtain a more complete modeling effect

3. Top light configuration

The top light power supply is drooping from the stage ceiling. Considering the beauty and load-bearing issues, it is designed as a grape rack. The lamps are hung on it to provide necessary lighting for the performance area space extending in the depth of the stage. At the same time, according to different performance forms and consideration of grape racks The weight and safety of the lamp can be appropriately increased in the number of lamps. The top light position, the grape trellis above the stage. Choose 150W LED spotlight, 150W moving spot light, LED par light.

led par light

LED Par Light

Arrangement and projection method of lamps

The top light and the surface light are connected to illuminate the main performance area. Pay attention to the height of the characters when connecting. The top light position can be used as fixed-point light and special effect lights, and some lights can be selected to enhance the lighting of the fulcrum of the performance area; enhance the character shape and scenery behind the stage Lighting of the space. The lamps we choose here have good heat dissipation, low temperature, high strength, no dazzling, good safety performance, and durability. At the same time for the meeting mode, so at the same time choose the LED three-color soft light, which can meet the lighting effect of the meeting mode.

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