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High-power 350W LED electronic zoom spotlight

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High-power 350W LED electronic zoom spotlight

The high-power 350W LED electronic zoom spotlight can change the size of the irradiated beam through electric focusing. The convenient electric focusing method has a spot angle of 15 to 60°. For lighting application requirements, tailor-made high-power light-emitting modules, color rendering index not less than 93, color temperature 3200K or 5600K optional, good luminous consistency, good heat dissipation performance; built-in DMX512 signal and manual control mode, dimming curve Smooth, soft spot, widely used in studio lighting, multi-function hall lighting.

High-power 350W LED electronic zoom spotlight parameters:

Light source: high CRI COB LED

Power supply voltage: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

Rated power: 400W

Color rendering index: Ra≥92

Color temperature: 3200K

Dimming: 0~100% linear dimming

Control panel: LCD liquid crystal display + four buttons

Channel mode: 2CH/3CH

Light output angle: 15~60 degrees, electronic zoom

Cooling method: copper tube radiator

Control mode: DMX512 control/manual mode

Protection level: IP20

Accessories: cover door, power cord, signal line

Net weight/Gross weight: 7.5KG

Lamp body size: 455*265*292MM


High-power 350WLED electronic zoom spotlight

Vangaa high-power LED electronic zoom spotlight, using high color rendering index LED as the light-emitting element, high-power density LED module and efficient aspherical concentrating system, the lamp has high luminous efficiency, large beam angle and uniform spot, which is better than traditional tungsten. The silk spotlight saves energy by more than 90%. Mainly include: LED conference light series, LED film and television flat soft light series, LED film and television spotlight series, LED par light series, LED imaging light series, LED sky curtain light series, put an end to low-cost LED lights!

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