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Have you encountered such a problem in the procurement process of LED flat soft light factory direct sales?

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With the continuous development of the information age, many government agencies, schools, enterprises, and television broadcast virtual studios or video conference rooms need to purchase LED flat-panel soft lights as lighting for shooting and recording videos. Many of these studios or video conference rooms already have their own previously configured lights, most of which use traditional three-primary lights. But I feel that the effect of the three-color light is not good, the life of the light source cannot be guaranteed, and it is not environmentally friendly, so I want to upgrade and transform the LED flat soft light by using a new light source, but did you encounter it during the purchase process of the LED flat soft light factory direct sales To such a problem?

1. Can the LED flat soft light meet the lighting effect?

The LED flat soft light uses 1200 SMD lamp beads, high brightness, illuminance reaches above 800lux; color rendering index Ra≥93, high color reproduction, restores true and clear pictures; warm white (3200K) and white (5600K) Optional, high-definition shooting can choose 5600K true white. Meet the lighting effects of large, medium and small studios and video conference rooms.

LED film and television panel soft light

LED flat soft light

2. Are you a manufacturer and what qualifications do you have?

Vangaa Optoelectronics, LED flat soft light factory direct sales, passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 ring mirror management system certification, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, has intellectual property certification system, Guangdong high-tech cultivation enterprise, products have CE certification and corresponding Test Report. One is free to provide customers for bidding, and two projects that require test reports to pass the acceptance, complete qualifications, can quickly place orders and save the trouble of failing acceptance without a test report.

3. Do you have installation instructions?

With more than ten years of industry experience and technical personnel, they can provide technical support such as light bitmaps, system diagrams, effect diagrams, lighting configuration, etc. before sales, clear understanding of the whole process, customized services, tailor-made to meet different customer needs. One-to-one technical guidance can be provided at any time, an appointment can be made to guide construction and installation, free technical installation guidance, saving installation procedures, and easy to use.

4. How to protect the market price?

The customer only needs to provide the project name and company name after confirmation, and if there is no other company's inquiry, they can quote. The company has a complete market price protection system. Insuring and escorting the customer's project, factory direct sales, and improving the customer's project engineering interests.

5. Can it be delivered on time, and what kind of logistics is generally delivered, and is there any guarantee?

Vangaa Optoelectronics LED flat panel soft light manufacturer, as long as the customer promises to deliver goods on time. In terms of logistics and transportation, the company has cooperated with well-known brand logistics companies such as Debon and Aneng for many years. It has service items such as insured and indemnity, delivery of goods by waiting notice, goods can be inspected in advance, payment for goods can be collected, and transportation time is guaranteed on the road. Ensure transportation quality assurance.

Guangzhou Vangaa Optoelectronics Forelite Brand

Vangaa photoelectric LED flat soft light manufacturer

If you encounter such a problem, Vangaa Optoelectronics can give you 100 rest assured in the procurement process of LED flat soft light factory direct sales. It began to engage in the stage lighting industry in 2004. The company was founded in 2011, with 13 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Excellent technical team and sales service team, from pre-sale lighting design configuration, light bitmap, system diagram, effect diagram to technical guidance, debugging, training, and then to 2 years of worry-free product after-sales, respecting the customer’s every A penny, every trust. The company's main product series: three-color soft light, LED spotlight/imaging light, LED par light/sky curtain light, computer moving head light and related ancillary products. Products are widely used in: TV stations, government units, business units, public security systems, schools, hotels and other studios and multi-functional conference rooms, and have been well received by users.

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