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Equipment configuration of small and medium studio lighting system

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Equipment configuration of small and medium studio lighting system

Small and medium-sized studio lighting systems are generally divided into campus studio lighting systems, county-level TV studio lighting systems, and corporate studio lighting systems according to institutional attributes; they are generally divided into interview studio lighting systems and news studios according to their use attributes. Several types such as lighting system and virtual studio lighting system. Different from the large-scale variety show studio lighting, it is characterized by fixed-point lighting for the characters, and the lighting effects are fixed and there is no change. Mainly reflected in: the character light must be accurate, the environment must have a prominent point in the overall stability, and the relationship between the character and the background must be reasonable.

Equipment configuration list of small and medium studio lighting system:

LED three-panel soft light, LED film and television spotlight

Dimmer, signal line

Aluminum alloy fixed track, alloy sliding track

Universal pulley, lamp pulley, cable pulley, fixed rail bracket

Pressure plate, baffle, light plate

Safety chain, constant hinge

Flame-retardant cables, cable trays, tray brackets, cabinets

Equipment configuration of small and medium studio lighting system

Equipment configuration of small and medium studio lighting system

Principles of lighting design for small and medium studios:

In small and medium-sized studio lighting, the light position processing methods of the three basic lights of main light, auxiliary light and backlight are flexible and changeable, and the effects produced are also mutually restricted. When we in the studio, yearning for the best lighting effects, lighting the subject, determining the light position, measuring the light intensity, adjusting the light ratio, and eliminating interference, we must grasp the basic method of lighting, small and medium-sized studios There are five kinds of lights commonly used in room lighting: background light, backlight (contour light), top light, side light, and surface light, following the three-point lighting and twelve-point circular lighting rules:

Background light: brighten the entire background to make the picture look clearer;

Backlight: It is also called contour light, which makes the outline of the host obvious and prominent, and improves the overall picture effect of the character image;

Top light: increase the texture of the host’s hair and supplement the light source on the shoulders;

Side light: soften dead corners and shadows that are not illuminated by the main light, and soften the shadow of the host’s neck;

Facial light: the host’s facial light is even and delicate.

Small and medium-sized studio lighting requires stable and consistent color temperature, high color rendering index, soft and uniform light without flicker. The use of studio LED lamps can ensure that the lighting achieves the desired effect, and also greatly reduces the consumption of small studio lamps. The cost of system equipment configuration is greatly reduced. Furthermore, studio construction can be completed in small and medium-sized studios, eliminating the huge investment in special height studio construction, and has great economic value for all small studio builders with insufficient economic strength.

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