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Bi-Color LED Soft Video Skypanel Light

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HTC1488C Bi-Color LED Soft Video Skypanel Light

 bicolor panel light

This LED panel light series is designed to meet studio lighting requirments. Suitable for studio, theatre, conference room, video recording, film shooting, portrait/product studio photography, YouTube, live stream, makeup lighting and more.

The best LED light panels offer an easy, efficient and affordable way to illuminate your shots. They are great for stills photographers who prefer continuous light to flash, and essential for videographers. If you need a kiss of light to lift the shadows, a color-balanced keylight to match the ambient illumination, or a dynamic effects light to create narrative interest, LEDs are amazingly adaptable.

If you're wondering how the best LED light panels differ from the best flashguns or strobes, they give you a constant source of illumination rather than a brief intense burst. This makes them ideal for video, and also for stills as they deliver 'what you see is what you get' lighting that takes the guesswork out of things.

VanGaa Lighting is one of the leading manufacturing factory for studio lighting equipments. We have developed plenty of models to suit different lighting occasion. Here is a brief look at what we have and how fantastic these lighting gears created for the studio.

All our LED soft video panel lights have a high CRI/TLCI > 95. R9 and R15 both can reach 90 and above. This ensures the object are showing their true colours. Because of bi-color LEDs inside, the colour temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 6500K. You can get different mood when shooting with Warm white or Cool white light.

The light intensity can also be adjusted from 0 to 100%, it is linear dimming, which is very smooth and no flicker at all. Easily controlled by DMX console, or in some cases by the knobs on the back of the panel light.


 Above are the light specs of VanGaa’s soft panel light. Now let’s see the structure and craft of these lights.

300W Bicolor sky panel light (4)

The light body is molded with die cast aluminium, it has double-layer thick fairshaped cooling fins, together with two mute fans, which ensures very good heatsink and makes the light output continous and stable. On the backside of the light, it is equiped with a digital screen and two rotary knobs. Which makes the setting quite easy and user-friendly. Power switch and fuse make safety the first priority.

300W Bicolor sky panel light (3)

Solid handle, fastener, and barndoor makes the installation a piece of cake.

300W Bicolor sky panel light (5)


Last but not least, this self-developed private mold, it is popular because of its ellegant design, excellent heatsink, versatile and practical application in studio lighting.

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