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Beijing Multimedia Classroom Lighting Project Configuration Consultation

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Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the Beijing project, approached us to inquire about the configuration of the multimedia classroom lighting project. Upon receiving the customer's information, the customer service first asked Mr. Zhang some basic information, such as project name, project budget, project area, contact information, company name, etc. Then directly let our project manager directly connect with customers, respond to customer inquiries more quickly, and meet customer needs.

The main requirement of the lighting configuration of the multimedia classroom is to meet the requirements of course video recording, conference report discussion and remote video transmission. Therefore, when you need to configure the meeting room lighting, the special LED meeting light of Liming Optoelectronics has high CRI, high brightness, consistent color temperature, and full mute, which can meet high-definition video shooting and transmission. The lighting arrangement is also very simple, surface light plus top light, if the budget is sufficient, you can add side light, which can make the characters more three-dimensional and stylish.

Multimedia classroom lighting

Vangaa lighting Multimedia Classroom Lighting Configuration Project Case

Vangaa lighting focuses on multimedia classroom lighting, with 14 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Provide free technical guidance for light bitmaps, system diagrams, effect diagrams, lighting configuration, appointments for installation, commissioning, and training qualifications, four major systems, CE, ROHS, and test reports. We uphold the behavioral philosophy of continuous improvement, attitude, and teamwork, and respect every penny and trust of our customers.

The company's main product series are: LED video light series, LED conference light series, stage light series and related supporting products. Widely used in: TV stations, government units, business units, public security systems, schools, hotels and other places, and have been praised by users. Consulting Hotline: +86 159 4961 0761

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