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Analysis of the current situation and development prospect of LED lighting industry in China

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Analysis of the current situation and development prospect of LED lighting industry in China

LED lighting enterprises have been better, some are difficult, which is normal. But I am afraid that the high-tech and high-quality enterprises have had difficulties and the business is in trouble. Hope that the peers return to lighting, improve technology, do a good job of products, and the industry ecology is good, we should make good enterprises better, bad enterprises are difficult or even bankrupt.

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How to view the current difficult situation of lighting industry?


At present, LED lighting enterprises are facing difficulties is certain. At present, there are too many LED lighting enterprises in China, which is unique in the world. Accounts receivable also reflect the current capital situation of enterprises. The LED cost is high. The general lighting competition has become hot. In winter, the first priority for enterprises is to keep cash flow, and do not let cash flow be cut off. If there is cash and blood, it will not fall.


On the future LED industry pattern


In the future, LED industry will be promoted in a different way with the progress and development of electronic industry. It will have a change from the traditional light source industry. As long as we observe and study the overall organizational structure change experienced by the electronic industry, the tide of merger and acquisition integration and the more subdivision of the industrial chain, we can learn from and find out the way in which the LED industry will be promoted in the future To.


LED lighting application tends to mature, and the light efficiency gradually reaches saturation and stability. The chip light source packaging and other processes will shift the focus of attention from heat dissipation to high reliability and lighting quality due to the light heat ratio crossing the balance point, and no longer blindly pursue to improve the light efficiency. The lighting source, equipment, system and control are returned to the lighting quality guided by human visual comfort.


The price and reliability of the products are gradually stable. Consumers begin to accept LED lighting products generally. The market situation can be expected. However, the profit of lighting sources, equipment and systems has been reduced to stable. The lively wave of LED photoelectric technology applied to lighting engineering has subsided, and the overall lighting industry tends to be rational and calm.


On the trend of intelligent lighting


In recent years, intelligent lighting is indeed the demand and trend of the industry. It is mainly because LED is listed in many electrical products, and is no longer the continuation of traditional light source thinking. Therefore, in a wave of electrical intelligence, such development is unpredictable. Any development seems to have a cycle. It's always too hot to cool down, and the new technological breakthroughs will heat up again. I don't think it will go to foam: technology always comes from human nature. Whether it is design or the rapid development of products, as long as it is from the perspective of human needs, it will always resonate, or innovation may eventually change human habits and life.


At present, the development of intelligent lighting in China has been characterized by the disorder of good and bad. How to find the right development direction in the process of disorder, including business model and technology research and development, can we provide users with better experience of intelligent lighting home. At present, many so-called intelligent lighting is the function of lighting plus control, but this function has appeared many years ago. Only by establishing a reasonable application relationship with the Internet, cloud platform and lighting system itself, the control system can create an intelligent lighting solution. This is the general trend. In the future, it will surely enter our daily life.


In the future, the industry should be polarized, with features (good modeling, high cost performance, intelligent function and so on), advantages in channels and better companies with characteristics of technical services.


Intelligent lighting is not only the development trend of lighting field, but also the development trend of the whole world. Just like Darwin evolution, people always tend to develop towards life more conducive to their own direction. Intelligent lighting is electronic and networked in nature, which makes illumination more able to meet the actual needs of others, not only simplifies operation, facilitates management, but also saves Human and financial resources. With the improvement of living standard, the application of intelligent lighting will become more and more common, and will become a major trend of the development of lighting industry.


On the development prospect of lighting industry


In the future, the proportion of people getting information through vision is increasing, the scope of light utilization will also be expanded, the desire to manipulate light will be stronger, the demand of lighting industry will be more vigorous, the industry will be more prosperous and the contribution to human life will be greater.


From the perspective of development, I think the lighting industry will be better and better in the future.


We know that with the continuous prosperity of material civilization, the requirements of urbanization and human emotion will be higher and higher. The big atmosphere (urban lighting) and small atmosphere (public indoor space and residential lighting) are closely related to this emotional demand. The whole lighting industry will be more and more subdivided into different application markets, so it will be good. But the new market segment will require higher and higher quality.


Thus, it is very important for the whole lighting industry to design scientific and artistic schemes of the project to the technical requirements of the products and the implementation process of perfect combination with the scene. With the challenges becoming higher and higher, the products and enterprises that fall behind the market competition demand will be eliminated naturally, and those enterprises that pay attention to market demand and quality development at any time will be achieved.


Three stages of LED lighting: in 2012-2014, the rapid growth stage of retrofit has been rapidly passed; and the integrated and innovation products have already occupied the market. The future you imagine will come inadvertently. What will be the growth opportunities of the industry in the future will be "brand", "innovation" and "intelligence".

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