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Analysis of price deviation of stage LED spotlights revealed

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Analysis of price deviation of stage LED spotlights revealed

Stage LED spotlight price quotation, according to the network platform reference, taking 200W light source as an example, the price is around 2000, and the price difference between brands is still relatively large. A comparison between the ex-factory price (for dealers) and the terminal price (for consumers) found that there are still many brands with LED spotlight terminals that are more than twice the ex-factory price. In addition, it was found that the relatively low-priced LED spotlights caused price deviations that can be analyzed from the following points.

1. Analysis of LED spotlight materials:

Shell, LED chip, and power supply, as the three major parts of LED spotlights, directly affect the price and cost of LED spotlights. In terms of shell materials, the shell materials used by different products are quite different. The price of aluminum shells and PC materials are very different; in terms of LED chip selection, the quality and price of the commonly used American and Japanese chips are more expensive, and the price is higher in Taiwan. In addition, the quality of China's LED chips is lower than the second price. In terms of power supply category, the power factor is required to reach 0.9 or more. The size of the power supply, whether the current and voltage are stable, will directly affect the performance and service life of the LED spotlight, which is one of the important reasons for the price deviation.

2. Parameter analysis of LED spotlight:

The main parameters of LED spotlights are light efficiency, color rendering index and color temperature. Consistency of light efficiency, high color rendering index, consistency of color temperature, high-quality products will be well controlled. The comprehensive parameters are at a high level and the price is on the high side. What you pay for is still the mainstream market nowadays, and it is an important factor affecting the price of LED spotlights. For example, the price of CRI ≥90 or above is hundreds to thousands higher than that of around 70.

3. Analysis of LED spotlight manufacturers:

Choose stage LED spotlights, powerful film and television lighting engineering equipment manufacturers, available LED lamps and accurate stage LED spotlight prices. It goes without saying that the dealer's price will be one to two times higher than the manufacturer's price. The powerful manufacturer's perfect guarantee system guarantees quality, guarantees service, and guarantees after-sales, and can provide cost-effective LED lamps. LED spotlight price details consultation hotline: 18927528328

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