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All aspects of the lighting design plan of the lecture hall

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All aspects of the lighting design plan of the lecture hall

Common lecture halls are generally used by business units and government units for meetings and reports, as well as show evening performances. Therefore, the main part of the lighting design of the lecture hall is the lighting layout on the rostrum, which can meet the needs of meetings and various performances. According to different usage scenarios of the lecture hall, different lighting effects need to be laid out.

Reasonably configure the lighting position of the lecture hall

The lecture hall can be divided into meeting mode and program performance mode according to the use scene, so two different lighting effects need to be configured. Reasonable lighting system configuration, equipped with modern technology level lamps and equipment, to ensure the perfect effect of the lighting design of the lecture hall. The lamp positions are arranged in a omni-directional three-dimensional layout. Areas such as surface light, side light, top light, and back light constitute a lighting display. Each part of the rostrum has lighting points to avoid narrow space and flexible.

Lecture hall surface light configuration

As the main front light, the surface light is used to illuminate the front area, play a frontal lighting effect on the characters on the podium, and make the characters or objects present a clear and soft effect. The surface light of the lecture hall can be configured with embedded LED three-color meeting lights, hanging LED flat soft lights or LED spotlights, depending on whether the ceiling of the lecture hall is open or has a light hook to choose embedded or hanging. Choose the surface light according to the projection distance to ensure the effect!

Design renderings of surface light in lecture hall

Project case of surface light (LED spotlight) configuration in Zhengzhou Power Grid Report Hall

Top light and backlight configuration of lecture hall

Top light layout A luminaire is set about every 2m above the rostrum of the lecture hall, which can be configured according to the needs of the program. The first overhead light and the surface light are connected to illuminate the main performance area; the second overhead light can be directly projected behind the podium according to the needs of the scene, or can be projected vertically downwards, and the front and rear rows of lights are connected to make the podium performance area more comparable Uniform color and brightness. The third light is projected forward as a backlight to enhance the lighting of the figures on the podium and the scenery space.

       Multifunctional hall ceiling lighting design renderings

Case study of roof lighting and backlighting of the multifunctional hall in Yuanyang, Yunnan

Side light configuration of lecture hall

The side light is installed on both sides of the rostrum and is composed of light projected to increase the three-dimensional sense and contour sense of the scenery or characters, as an auxiliary supplementary light for the surface light. Can be equipped with hanging LED flat soft light or LED spotlight.

Auditorium sky curtain lighting configuration

Sky curtain lights are also called heaven and earth row lights. They are used for the lighting and color changes of the sky curtain. They are installed at a distance of 1.2m—1.5m from the background of the rostrum or in front of the sky curtain. They cast light and render colors to the rostrum canopy to express the horizon, sunset, etc. effect. The uniformity, brightness and vividness of the sky curtain lighting will directly enhance the on-site effect of the entire rostrum.

Heaven and earth row of lights

LED sky curtain light (heaven and earth row lights)

In the lighting design plan of the lecture hall, it can be configured according to the use scene, the size of the rostrum, and the project budget. It should be noted that the traditional lighting used in the past could not achieve the lighting effect. When choosing the lecture hall lamps, you can choose LED lamps with good light efficiency, high CRI, easy control, and long life.

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