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6 reasons for use LED panel soft light in studio lighting

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6 reasons for use LED panel soft light in studio lighting

1 Soft and uniform light quality

In terms of physical structure, the LED panel soft light has the same characteristics as the three-primary fluorescent lamp, which is scattered light. At present, the lighting methods of LED panel soft light mainly include LED light-emitting diode array and LED module plus reflective bowl. Add a layer of soft light board on the surface of the lamp. Either way, the light emitted is relatively soft and uniform, and the light quality is relatively "soft". The light-emitting area can be controlled through the cover and honeycomb grille in front of the lamp to avoid the scattering of stray light (commonly known as "wild light"). It can meet the requirements of uniform lighting and soft skin color of characters in studio news programs.

2 Energy saving and environmental protection

The LED panel soft light is fundamentally different from traditional tungsten filament lamps in terms of structure and light-emitting principle. The basic principle of LED light emission is that after applying a forward bias voltage at both ends of the PN junction, holes and free electrons move to form an internal electric field; then the newly injected holes and free electrons recombine and recombine with photons. The form releases excess energy, which is the light emitted by the LED that the user sees. The light-emitting principle of LED determines that its energy conversion efficiency is very high. Theoretically, it saves nearly 90% of energy than traditional tungsten halogen lamps and nearly 50% of energy compared to tri-color soft light, which greatly saves the electricity cost of studio lighting.

3 Long service life

The filament of the traditional halogen lamp is easy to break, while the LED panel soft light uses solid-state semiconductor chips to convert electrical energy into light energy, which is more sturdy and durable, and can withstand high-intensity mechanical shocks. Under normal use, the lifespan of the LED panel light is as long as 5000h, which in a sense reduces the work of studio lighting replacement and other maintenance.

LED panel soft light

LED panel soft light


4 High luminous efficiency

Theoretically, the luminous efficiency of white LEDs can reach nearly 300 lm/W. If you compare it with other light sources according to the luminous efficiency of 150 lm/W, the luminous efficiency of the LED is 11.5 times that of an incandescent lamp (the luminous efficiency is 131 lm/W under the same conditions), which is higher than that of the high-pressure sodium lamp, which is generally believed to have high luminous efficiency. (132 lm/W) is even higher to meet the shooting illuminance requirements of studio lighting.

5 pure light color

The LED panel soft light shows its absolute advantage in light color. At present, the color LED products on the market can cover the entire visible spectrum, and at the same time have the characteristics of good monochromaticity and high purity. With the development of LED light sources, its color rendering index gradually increases. The improvement of the color rendering index enables the LED panel-panel soft light to restore the true and clear skin color of the characters. Go beyond tri-primary fluorescent lamps.

6 Less radiant heat

Although the current LED chip cannot convert all electrical energy into light energy, the PN junction luminescence characteristic of the LED light source determines that its infrared heat radiation is smaller than the traditional tungsten halogen lamp, computer lamp, etc., which is a cold light source. The LED panel soft light allows the host to avoid the high temperature and heat under the studio lighting.

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