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The Project of Stage Light

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1. Project introduction:

Project Name: Shaoguan University Multifunctional Gymnasium Lighting Project

Site area: 1500 square meters multifunctional gymnasium

2. Functional positioning

Opening ceremony of sports competitions, art performances, school celebrations, festivals

Three, lighting design principles

The lighting of the multifunctional gymnasium of Shaoguan University adopts Liming photoelectric stage lamps, which adapt to the development of the times and scientifically and rationally design the entire system. The system has the characteristics of advanced performance, high degree of standardization, safety and reliability. The equipment is all high-quality, high-performance, high-reliability, durable and effective equipment to ensure that the system meets the design requirements and operates safely.

Four, design indicators

1. The stadium stage lighting adopts lamps with color temperature of 3200K and 5600K, which can meet the shooting requirements of SD and HD cameras;

2. When used as a meeting, the white light intensity of the stage should not be lower than 800LX, and the lamps have no heat radiation; when used as a performance, the white light intensity of the stage should not be lower than 1200LX.

3. Color rendering index Ra≥90, high color reproduction.

Five, lighting efficiency requirements

1. The stadium stage lighting has uniform illuminance, high illuminance, stable color temperature, high color rendering index, low thermal radiation, adjustable brightness, soft light, and grouping function. There will be no dazzling feeling for the participants to read the documents, and it has the high-definition effect of photography.

2. Lighting equipment equipped with high-performance indicators can reduce the total power consumption of lights, reduce the number of lamps, and avoid waste of funds and space. High-efficiency energy-saving lamps are introduced into the system design.

3. Highlight the artistry of lighting, use lighting to render the atmosphere, enhance the effect, and create levels. The atmosphere of lighting effects is used to highlight the concept and create a magnificent scene effect.

4. The selected lamps are light in weight, small in size, low in noise, good in heat dissipation, high in luminous efficiency and reliable in performance.

5. Pay attention to process design, realize intelligent lighting, digitalization, professional and diversified lighting programming, and strictly implement national standards for design.

6. The reliability of the lighting system should be high, the adjustment should be convenient, and the operation should be flexible and simple;

7. The system has a complete electromagnetic compatibility design to ensure that the lighting system and audio and video system equipment are used at the same time and do not interfere with each other.

Sixth, the stadium stage lighting design instructions

1. One surface light, 25 sets of Liming Optoelectronics LED imaging lights are selected;

The surface light is installed in the auditorium at the top of the dance floor outside the stage. The light is projected on the front area of the stage from the front, and plays the role of frontal lighting on the characters on the stage, which is used for character modeling or makes the objects on the stage present a three-dimensional effect.

2. 2 side lights, using 16 Liming LED film and television spotlights;

The role of the side light is to create a sense of direction of the light source from the side of the stage, and to create a level and three-dimensional sense for the actors in the main stage. It can be used as an auxiliary lighting to illuminate the face of an actor, and can strengthen the level of the scene, and render the characters and the stage space environment.

3. 5 channels for top light and 2 channels for back light;

The top light is the light projected from above to the stage. It is divided into a row of top lights, two rows of top lights, three rows of top lights, etc. from front to back. It is mainly used for stadium lighting to increase the stadium stage illumination, and there are many sceneries and props. Fixed-point irradiation. This project design 5 top lights, using Liming Optoelectronics LED Par light.

Backlight is the light projected in the opposite direction from the inside of the stage to the outside. It can outline the contours of people and scenery, enhance the sense of three-dimensionality and transparency, and can also be used as a specific light source. The performance effect lights are mostly installed in the backlight position, which can enhance the lighting of the characters and the scenery space at the back of the stage. The front and rear rows of lights are connected to make the stage performance area obtain a more uniform color and brightness. This project design 2 backlights, using Liming Optoelectronics LED Par light.

4. The stage performance effect light adopts 30 Liming Optoelectronics computer moving head beam lights;

The computer moving head beam light is rich in color mixing, and can be used to project various graphics and even slides with replaceable gobos, which are used for stage pattern changes and changeable beam swings. In order to achieve better performances, high-efficiency smoke machines are also installed on the stadium stage.

Liming Optoelectronics focuses on film and television lighting, conference lighting, and stage lighting, with 13 years of industry experience and technology precipitation. Provide light bitmap, system diagram, effect diagram, lighting configuration; free technical guidance, appointment installation, debugging, training; four system certification, CE, ROHS, test report, complete qualifications.

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