Item: VG-OWS2018

Outdoor 2.4G Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver

Product Model: VG-OSW2018

Commissioning Date: 2018-07-04

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Outdoor 2.4G Wireless DMX Transmitter and Receiver

To make the stage light and other DMX-512 fixtures connection more convenient, we have designed this kind wireless high signal power DMX-512 transmitter and receiver. Just connect to the signal outlet of any DMX-512 controllers, no need to connect any signal cable between the controller and the lighting equipment, the DMX-512 control system will be built between the controller and the controlled lightings. Each transmitter can control up to 512 receivers which can have up to 512 channels. These equipments are suitable for all the DMX-512 signal controlled fixtures.

Product Features

High power signal 2.4G, wireless;

Recognize the signal automatically;

The body size of the transmitter and receiver is very small, easy for installation;

Suitable for all kinds DMX 512 fixtures.

Technical Parameters

DMX Signal Output

Signal strength: 2.4G

Receive distance: 500m(without obstruct)

Control and Programming

Control panel: 1 buttons

Thermal Specification

Maximum ambient temperature: 45 °C (113 °F)

Maximum surface temperature: 170 °C (338 °F)

Electrical Specification

Power supply: common power supply

Input voltage range: AC100V/240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 6W

Mechanical Specification

Machine size: 153Dx89Wx97Hmm

Weight: 1kg

Material: Aluminum die casting

Appearance color: black

Using Environment

IP rating: IP20

Working temperature: -25-40℃


Installation style: stand on floor/installed on truss

Standard Accessories Light

1pc power cable

1pc C clamp

1pc clamp bridge


Carton: 210*170*100mm(1pcs/carton) [c:18-01-24]

N.W/G.W: 1.1kg/1.5kg

Carton: 24*23*23cm(2pcs/carton)

N.W/G.W: 2kg/3kg

Carton: 450*350*250mm(4pcs/carton)

N.W/G.W/V.W: 8.5kg/6.5kg/7kg

Carton: 450*350*250mm(8pcs/carton)

N.W/G.W/V.W: 8.5kg/9.5kg/8kg

Carton: 510*360*230mm(10pcs/carton)

N.W/G.W/V.W: 11kg/12.5kg/8.5kg

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