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DMX Zoom 200W CTO LED Fresnel Spot Light

-Model: VG-PB200W-C-D
-Light output: 100W
-Color: 3200K-5600K
-Beam angle: 15-60°
-CRI: 92+
  • VG-PB200W-C-D
  • VanGaa
  • VG-PB200W-C-D
  • 2016-12-20
  • Selling

DMX Zoom 200W CTO LED Fresnel Spot Light

  • This television projector light equips high power 200W LED lamps as the light source, it’s energy saving. And it uses high efficiency optical lens, light soft. It’s a best choice for film and television performances, studio and other places.


  • The internal adopts full copper radiator large area, good heat dissipation, ensure the lifespan of the LED Lamps;

  • Through efficient optical lenses, with special heat dissipation design, make the light is downy, small stray light, no glare, eyes more comfortable;

  • Use the LED video projector scheme, the light energy saving 80%;

  • Because of almost no infrared radiation, it has greatly improve work environment.

Technical Specifications

Light Sources

  • LED: 1pc 200W COB LED Lamps

  • Lifespan: 500,000h

  • Color: from CW to WW, 3200K-5600K adjustable


  • Beam angle: 15-60degree, DMX and Motorize zoom

  • Dimmer: 0-100% linear dimmer

  • CRI: Ra>92

Light Output

  • Luminous flux: 9775.3lm

  • Illuminance: 3200 Lux (6m 15°)

  • Optimal projection distance: 3-8m

  • Light output power: always 100W


  • Control mode: DMX-512; Auto run

  • DMX channel: 5CH, 6CH

  • Display of control panel: LCD display + 4 buttons

Power Supply

  • Related voltage: AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz

  • Related power: 150W


  • Body dimension: D455*W265*H292mm

  • Net weight: 8.5kg

  • Shell color: black

  • Shell material: aluminium die casting

Working Environment

  • Working temperature: -25-40℃

  • Cooling: copper tube convector

  • Protection rating: IP20

Standard Configuration Spare Part List

  • Cable: 1pc 3-pin DMX cable, 1pc power cable with plug(America standard, Euro standard, or other standard)

  • Barn door: 1pc stand barn door

  • User manual: English version user manual

Optional Configuration Spare Parts List

  • Clamps: different style clamps optional (choose from VanGaa homepage “Accessaries series”)

  • Safety rope: different size safety ropes optional (choose from VanGaa homepage “Accessaries series”)

  • Stand: 1.5m hand change stand, 2.4-4m hand change stand


  • Carton board package size: 530*330*390mm(1pc/carton) [c: 08-08-28]

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 8.5kg/8.8kg/16.5kg

  • Flight case package size: 745*640*650(4pcs/flight case)

  • Net weight of flight case: 30kg

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 34kg/64kg/63kg

  • Flight case package size: 985*640*650(4pcs/flight case)(with clamps space)

  • Net weight of flight case: 32kg

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 34kg/66kg/82kg

  • Flight case package size: 1120*920*560(6pcs/flight case, oversized)(without clamps space)

  • Net weight of flight case: 37kg

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 51kg/87kg/116kg

  • Flight case package size: 1180*900*550mm(6pcs/flight case, oversized)(without clamps space) [c:18-05-20]

  • Net weight of flight case: 38kg

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 51kg/88kg/117kg

  • Flight case package size: 1120*920*740(6pcs/flight case, oversized)(with clamps space)

  • Net weight of flight case: 43kg

  • N.W/G.W/V.W: 51kg/94kg/151kg

Selling Maintain Spare Parts List

  • Switching power supply: VG-PB200W-C-D-P

  • LED lamp board: VG-PB200W-C-D-L

  • Main board: VG-PB200W-C-D-M

  • Drive board: VG-PB200W-C-D-D

VG-PB200W-C led fresnel light lux chart