Jiangmen Harbour City Seafood Restaurant Grand Ballroom Lighting Design Project Case

Jiangmen Harbour City Seafood Restaurant Grand Ballroom Lighting Design Project Case

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Functional positioning

To meet the various performance requirements of the annual meeting, cultural evening, wedding birthday, large-scale conference, conference, fashion show, short play, comprehensive entertainment program.

Lighting design Principles

The banquet hall of Jiangmen Harbour City Seafood Restaurant uses high-tech means, combining multimedia digital intelligent lighting system with LED large screen to create a variety of banquet halls.

Combining the actual venue of the banquet hall, taking into account the scene modes and performance styles of various functions, using the superior control system, high-quality LED stage lighting and various mechanical equipment as the stage lighting system for the banquet hall reasonable configuration.

Lighting design instructions

The banquet hall lighting is divided into two parts, one part is on the stage, and the other part is on the middle of the banquet hall. It is arranged in a T-shape, which not only satisfies the stage performances, annual meetings, conferences, conferences, etc. Function, at the same time meet the wedding birthday banquet, fashion show catwalk and so on.

The facelight uses the Vangaa Lighting LED spotlight, which is mainly used to illuminate the front performance area and performers on the stage;

Sidelights also use LED spotlights, which are mainly to make the outlines of people and things on the stage clearly visible;

There are two top lights, one with LED par light and computer beam light, and one with LED moving head dyeing lamp, which is mainly used for stage effect and wash effect.

On the top of the middle of the banquet hall, two rows of VanGaa LED moving head wash lights and computer moving head beam lights are arranged. The combination of beam and wash complements each other to create a gentle and romantic atmosphere.


The banquet hall lighting uses VanGaa LED green light source lighting equipment. The color temperature and light distribution is even, and the high color rendering index can better restore the color of people and things. The whole stage effect is clear and natural.

With the LED large-screen playback design, the dynamic, static, realistic, freehand, and colorful content, the people and objects on the stage are so beautiful. Whole stage effect is more vivid and realistic!

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