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200W LED BiColor Pole Operate Video Panel Light

-Model: VG-HTC200C-O
-Max output power: 200W
-Color: warm white to cold white
-Beam angle: 120°
-CRI: 95+
  • VG-HTC200C-O
  • VanGaa
  • VG-HTC200C-O
  • 2022-01-05
  • Selling

·The lamp adopts imported cree lamp beads and advanced heat dissipation system design, so that the product can meet the strict requirements of radio and television shooting. The operation is very simple, humanized design, dimming without flicker, smooth linear dimmer, stable performance and temperature control detection function. It is very suitable for photography, photography, TV stations and other occasions, with very strict lighting requirements.


·Two color temperatures of 3200K or 5600K are optional;

·With two-action light bow with lever, it is convenient to adjust the horizontal attachment angle;

·Imported lamp beads, color temperature and color rendering index are more stable;

·Optional cellular network, effectively avoiding large LED screens;

·Radiator, external drive, effective heat dissipation, stable quality;

·Display: OLED display.

Technical Specifications

Light Sources

·LED lamp beads: 760pcs 0.5W CREE brand LED lamps

·Service life: ≥50000 hours

·Color: warm white to cool white


·Beam angle: 120 degrees

·Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

·Stroboscopic: a variety of stroboscopic functions, 1-20 times per second

Light output

·Color temperature: 2700K -6500K optional

·Color rendering index (CRI): ≥93Ra

·Illuminance data sheet: 1 meter 1200LUX, 2 meters 800LUX, 3 meters 500LUX, 5 meters 190LUX


·Control mode: international standard DMX512 signal, optional XLR3Pin or XLR5Pin signal socket

·Channel mode: 1 channel and 2 channel two channel modes, can be set by yourself

·Display: OLED display, colorful

Electrical specifications

·Rated voltage: AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

·Rated power: 250W

working Environment

·Environmental temperature: -25℃~40℃

·Heat dissipation: high-quality aluminum alloy radiator, all-aluminum chassis

·Protection level: IP20

Structure specification

·Lamp body size: 478*213*243mm

·Light weight: 8.4kg

·Shell color: black

·Shell material: aluminum alloy

Standard accessories

·Wire: 1 three-core DMX signal wire, 1 full power power cord with local plug (American standard, European standard, national standard or other standards)

·Operation manual: Chinese version of the operation manual (English version is optional)

·Light hook suspension bridge: 1 set of standard configuration light hook suspension bridge (suitable for M16 hole position)

Optional accessories

·Light hook: different styles and specifications of light hooks are available (for details, please refer to the "Accessories Series" on the official website)

·Safety rope: different specifications of safety ropes are available (see "Accessories Series" on the official website for details)


·Carton board box package size: 545*370*220 (1pc/carton)


Sales repair spare parts list

·Power supply: VG-HTC200C-O-P

·Lamp bead board: VG-HTC200C-O-L

·Motherboard: VG-HTC200C-O-M

·Drive board: VG-HTC200C-O-D