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VanGaa lighting cost-effective LED spotlight expeditions to Dubai
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Dubai, with its rich oil resources, has the world's first seven-star hotel and the world's largest shopping center, is synonymous with luxury in the minds of people. Such a luxury country, in the use of entertainment equipment products will choose what kind of product?

As we all know, customers in Dubai are notoriously discerning! At the 2015 expo, Dubai customers walked into the VanGaa Lighting’s booths, and were interested in the new LED imaging lamps, LED
spotlights, etc. After that, Dubai customers after several comparison, the final batch of 84 sets of LED spotlight orders down to VanGaa Lighting. LED spotlight, since its inception, is almost new favourite of studio, theater, theater, conference room, with the completion of the film and television lighting from the traditional LED to this change, energy saving, time-saving power led lamp, is praised highly by more people .

VanGaa Lighting LED spotlight, the internal large area full copper radiator, ensuring the life of LED lamp beads, and the use of the LED video soft light, energy saving 80%, the most important thing is attractive in price and quality! Very picky Dubai customers after a long period of inspection, still choose VanGaa Lighting products, which not only contains the high recognition to performance and price of VanGaa Lighting products ,but also affirm VanGaa Lighting unique products feature.


From: VanGaa Lighting Factory

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